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While I'm open for an upgrade, I don't think any of the 4 OF needs to go.
Rolen comes back and displaces Negron (or maybe Stubbs goes on the DL, but eventually Negron goes).

Since Rolen got hurt, the 25th man on the roster has been a black hole (Negron, Constanzo).. IMO, Valdez is worth keeping. The bench will be a lot better when Rolen comes back.. if Frasier ends up seeing time in LF, then both Heisey and Ludwick are available off the bench.

Still a shortage of LH hitting, but Rolen coming off the DL will help us (hopefully he will hit adequately.. with his defense, he can hit at Ludwick/Hiesey levels if Frasier plays LF, then it's an upgradE).
I'm assuming that the Reds add a LH bat as the post I was responding too suggested. In that case, you'd need a spot for both the acquisition and Rolen. So Negron goes, but who else? I say Ludwick is the best guy to go (but I could be talked into Stubbs)

IMO, the need to acquire a lefty is pretty clear. Using .725 OPS as the line that separates adequate from inadequate, here is how things shake out:

Against LHP the guys on the adequate list (limiting to the main 13 position players so far): Frazier 1.049, Votto .998, Ludwick .952, Hanigan .878, Cozart .872, Stubbs .822, Cairo .818, Bruce .794, Heisey .780, Mesoraco .736 and Valdez .727. The inadequate list would be only Phillips .607 and Rolen .486. So against LHP, the Reds keep coming at you over and over with 11 of the 13 guys threats and the 2 that aren't have traditionally killed LHP.

OTOH, against RHP the adequate list is limited to Votto 1.214, Phillips .873, Bruce .854 and Frazier .848. Two of those are a bit iffy going forward. Frazier has a pretty big weakness on the ball running or breaking away to the outside part of the plate (i.e. a breaking ball from a RHP) and Phillips has traditionally struggled against RHP. I think the league will adjust to Frazier and just don't want to count too heavily on Phillips continuing to buck his career trends. The line-up is pretty thin against RHP.

The inadequate guys include Hanigan .693, Cozart .685, Mesoraco .675, Heisey .653, Ludwick .634, Stubbs .619, Rolen .566, Valdez .405 and Cairo .343.

Since they face RHP about two-thirds of the time, I think they need to even this out. It means adding a guy who hits against RHP and removing one of the redundant lefty killers. My vote is Ludwick since he's the most likely to have his PAs taken by Frazier when Rolen comes back.