I have had OF Carlos Lee on my fantasy teams for 3 years (at least) waiting for him to put up a huge season. Not going to do it again. I am going to waive him TODAY. He is 0-season with 3 K's so far, only 1 BB. I am in need of some steals in this league. Would you suggest picking up steal threats like OF Carl Crawford, OF Alex Sanchez, part time stealers like 1B Brad Fullmer, SS Omar Vizquel, and OF Steve Finley, or possibly potential power hitters like DH Josh Phelps, OF Karim Garcia, OF/1B Brad Wilkerson, or OF Kevin Millar.

What should I do. For SB's on my team I have Ray Durham and Jose Cruz, and have some other guys that do steal as well, like OF Shawn Green, OF Brian Giles, 1B/OF Ryan Klesko, but nobody that will dominate this category. I've tried trading for Ichiro or Abreu or someone like that, and have been denied. The only thing I can try at this point is the waiver wire.

Please help and offer your opinions / advice.