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Okay we have Gathright, Dorn and Harris as candidates.
Based on the box score I've seen, neither Gathright nor Harris played tonight. Dorn did play and got three hits. I guess it could be incorrect or incomplete.

Bill Bray had three Ks in his inning.

If the Reds make a temporary move, I hope it's Gathright. Citifield is a big ballpark. I don't think Jay Bruce should play CF at Citifield. If Stubbs and Heisey can't go, I'd like to see Negron and/or Gathright so the Reds can cover the outfield decently.

Also looks to me like Billy Bray will be back real soon. So we can expect a pitching move too.

Harris? Don't see why he needs to come up to the Reds, unless somebody else is hurt.