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Super condescending question aside, eh. Maybe I was spoiled becoming a true Reds fan in the age of having Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns, Bruce.. Guys you couldn't WAIT to see in uniform. Perhaps I am being biased because those were the first Reds teams I really loved, but other than Hamilton, I don't really see a lot of guys in the system that make me go WOW. Corcino and Stephenson could be really nice arms some day, and it's probably combined with the fact Louisville is so uninspiring. But that's just me.
Keep in mind, the hype around the other guys you mentioned was generally bigger because they were looked upon as saviors of the organization. When your team is as lousy as the Reds were for that long, people try to focus on the few bright spots, in those cases, the top prospects in the minors.
this team has been mostly good since 2010 and therefore the focus lies on the current roster. If the Reds were ten games under, you would be hearing all kinds of hype about players like Corcino, Rodriguez, Gregorious, Vidal, and Cingrani.