Dernell Stenson -A Red in 2003, until his untimely death. Hopefully at least two of the men responsible for his murder will be in prison for the rest of their lives.

Donnie Sadler (37) -From the "those who can't do, teach" department: Donnie Sadler, career batting average .202, is now a hitting instructor in the Phillie organization.

Dave Concepcion (64) -If you saw Davey when he first came up, there's no way you'd have thought he'd end up with 2300 hits and a few Silver Slugger awards. The bat looked thicker than he did. But Sparky saw something in him..

Pete Browning -The original "Louisville Slugger", the first player to have a bat made for him by Hillerich & Bradsby...A childhood bout with mastoiditis left him almost deaf and in constant pain, which he attempted to ease with the bottle...Possibly as a result, he was somewhat...eccentric. He used to stare directly at the sun, claiming it strengthened his eyes. He'd also stick his head out of moving train windows, on the theory that the cinders from the engine cleansed his eyes. It's a wonder he wan't blind as well as deaf...He had names for each of his bats, mostly taken form the Bible, and he'd talk to them. After his playing days his behavior became even odder, and he was confined to an asylum briefly before his untimely death.


Tom Drees (49) -Remembered for pitching back-to-back no-hitters in AAA in 1989 (the second one was only seven innings). He's now a stockbroker with many players as clients.

Joe Charbonneau (57) -A folk hero in Cleveland for his flakiness (dying his hair multiple colors, opening beer bottles with his eye sockets, pulling his own teeth, drinking beer through his nose, straightening his broken nose with a pair of pliers, etc.). After a hot rookie year, however, his batting average dropped precipitously toward the Mendoza Line, and his act began to wear thin.