Felix Heredia (37) -The Reds had him in '03, which was probably his best year...Nicknamed "El Gato Flaco", or "The Skinny Cat"...Served a suspension for steroid use; maybe he wanted to be called "The Muscular Cat"...


Sandy Alomar Jr. (46) -Considered an up-and-coming managerial prospect...He and Jaret Wright were teammates on the Indians; their fathers had been teammates on the Angels. Don't know if that has ever happened otherwise.

Andres Galarraga (51) -Finished his career with 399 homers after beating non-Hodgkin's lymphoma twice...Enjoys painting landscapes.

Lou Brock (73) -Attended Southern University on an academic scholarship, but when he got a poor grade in one of his classes he decided to go out for baseball in hopes of getting an athletic scholarship. And the rest, as they say, is history...For a guy who wasn't really a power hitter, he holds a couple of homer-related records: He's the first player to hit five home runs in the first four games of a season, and he's one of only three players to hit a ball over the center field wall in the Polo Grounds...First player to bat in a major league game in Canada...Now an ordained minister.

Charlie Ganzel -Brother of John Ganzel, who played and managed for the Reds in the early 1900s...Father of Babe Ganzel; Father and son made their major league debuts 43 years apart, a record...