Paul Bako (40) -Paul's real first name is "Gabor"...Currently working as a sales rep for the Marucci Bat Company, which he owns a piece of, as does Big Papi.

Juan Castro (40) -A RedsZone favorite topic. I always thought he was overrated as a glove man. Paul Janisch is better, IMHO.

Gary Varsho (51) -A Red in 1993. Made a highly embarrassing play when playing LF for the Pirates: he lost a fly ball in the lights, then when he heard it land 15 feet behind him he turned around, caught his spikes in the turf and fell flat on his face. Then, when he finally caught up with the ball, it slipped out of his hands when he was trying to throw it.

Bill Werber -3B on the 1939-40 pennant winners...First player to come to the plate in a televised game...Lived to be 100; at the time of his death he was the oldest former player and the last living person to have played against Babe Ruth.


Doug Gwosdz (52) -Nicknamed "Eye Chart" because of his last name...Finished his career withe the Reds organization in AAA.

Dickie Thon (54) -On his way to a great career before he was hit by a Mike Torrez pitch that broke his orbital bone..."Thon" is the French word for "tuna"...

Andy Etchebarren (69) -Oriole catcher, splitting time with Elrod Hendricks...Last man to hit off of Sandy Koufax...Owner of one of baseball's finest unibrows... Supposedly saved Frank Robinson's life in his 1966 Triple Crown year; Robby, who couldn't swim, fell into a swimming pool at a party and Andy jumped in and pulled him out. Sounds like quite a party...