Hey Everyone!!! I知 Steve and ive been a Reds fan since I was five years old, thats when i got really interested and was old enough to understand the game. I知 married with three amazing kids. My wife is a very angry person and makes me want to kill myself haha somehow our marriage works probably because I come from a family of people pleasers. We aim to please, we池e nice people, we tend to try and make everyone around us happy, especially in a work environment which by the way I知 a restaurant manager. I知 very differential in the work environment. I want to work harder than I知 expected to work and get less. I知 comfortable in that role. I don稚 want a lot of attention. Work this hard, don稚 stick my head out too much, do a really good job, make people happy. When I知 not working, I知 spending time with my kids or avoiding my wife and doing sports stuff on the computer.