The Reds traded 5 prospects last winter, plus 3 additional young players (Wood, J Francisco and Volquez)

The offense starts 3 rookies a couple days a week, 2 pretty much everyday. Our team just needs to take the good and the bad, BC this roster is pretty much set for this year. The FO is obviously waiting for B Hamilton to hold down the lead off spot,starting 2014, and hoping Mesoraco turns out to be the RH power hitter to hit between Votto and Bruce, like Jocketty has mentioned.

The Reds are stockpiling SP prospects in the system just like the Braves and the Rays. Do NOT mess with that formula, we finally have surplus, a talented group is close to the majors. Corcino, Cingrani, Lotzkar,and Sulbaran are impact arms. Just let these kids develop and grow, all 4 will be in AAA rather soon.

No need to trade any prospects for a RENTAL, makes no sense. We obviously have a weakness on our bench, we need a LH OF that can make contact, get on base, and has some pop, but NO reason to trade some prospects for a bench player. I would call up HRod later when he is healthy to be that type of bat off the bench. Leave Joseph and Gregorius alone as well.

Obviously we have 2 holes in the line up, a table setter to get on base for Votto and a RH power hitter who hits for average to protect Joey, but we aren't finding those type of players on the market, especially at the deadline when teams are OVERPAYING. Let this young team takes it lumps and grow together. We are going to be good for a long team, do not mess with this up and coming organization by trading away the surplus of talent we have. There is a reason why we traded AAA talent this winter and left young prospects alone, the "next wave" we have is going to be incredible.

Couple of random points: Our only mistake I guess, was trading Grandal, but too late now. And if we were going to trade Heisey, last winter was the time to do it. I hope Chapman can be a SP, but the closer role is where I think he will stay, unless Madson feels bad and decides to come back at a discounted rate next year.

Just my thoughts