Wow. I doubt someone here said Hamilton sucks. As for the comparison to Josh Hamilton and athleticism, I don't remember reading that argument (let's be honest--I skip or skim most posts), but if anyone said Billy isn't as athletic as Josh, I'm sure he meant it in an "overall baseball package" kind of way. Josh has a better arm, significantly more power, and a better hit tool. Billy's only edge is speed, and although he's an 80, that in itself can only get you so far. I have a feeling that what Doug is trying to do is to keep the expectations for Billy Hamilton more reasonable. I'm excited about Billy, too, but he seems to have a ways to go before he's an effective Major League hitter, and there are people around here (and in the organization, I'm sure) talking about promoting him to MLB. I don't think it's crazy to say that if you send Hamilton up now, he'll probably struggle a great deal. I think that's basically what Doug's trying to say. But no one likes having dreams smashed, so I think that's why people are getting defensive. That, and Doug isn't exactly tactful about his message. Just my two cents.