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You can't go back and play the "could have game"...results are results.

However, if Chapman doesn't give up a homerun on Tuesday and if Cozart belted one into the corner tonight, that number is probably 8-8. I only say that to demonstrate how fluid that stat is at this point.

1 run losses are painful, but history says they usually balance out over 162 games. The regular W-L record is simply much more telling.

Again....we said too much of this last year as well.

Just when it 2011 seems to be over.....it pulls this Reds team back in to it's vortex of underachieving...just doing enough to lose....type of playing.

Hopefully Baker is running out of Henry Aaron stories in order to quit fooling the owner and whatever fools are in the management side that he is the guy to manage this team going forward.