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It is less being built for the weather than the players being acclimated to it. The Packers with Brett Favre were a throwing team yet had an unbelievable record when the temperature was cold. You also had the Capital One Bowl a couple of years ago when the temps were low and Miami's sideline was huddled by the heaters while it was no big deal for Wisconsin.

But if the game is in a Northern city (which it should be on occasion), it will be Indy or Detroit where the game itself can be indoors. I can live with that. People aren't likely to spend the whole week for the Championship game in that particular city because they would have just spent the whole week at the bowl game site. People aren't going to travel that long twice. But it should be rotated. The Northern teams should not always have to travel out of their region like they do now.
There was a time when Tampa Bay was building into a Super Bowl contender but had yet to win a game in a northern city with a certain low temperature. I don't buy it one bit that temperature and weather doesn't matter. As a fan of a northern team I think the type of football is somewhat molded around what the weather conditions could be. I also think that playing a game in a temperature that you are used to could be a big advantage. IMO its much easier going from cold to warm than it is from warm to cold. The humidity is less of an issue because by the time the games mean something the humidity has leveled out.