...and medical go-carts and such...on the rise?

I have no link, I have no memory of hearing about this phenomenon, I just have my eyes.

There are a lot of freeking scooters and medical go-carts on the roads these days.

I have to think this is a fall out of the economy and gas prices and perhaps DUI law - not some new Euro-fashion striking central Indiana.

I can't tell you how often I see such slow things rolling down 45 mph roads, or attempting to cross them with bravery and skill I do not possess myself.

Just about invariably the people on them are obese as well.

I've seen them in the winter with duct taped cardboard wind blockers. These things are here to stay and I just might look into Yamaha stock...

Weeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa, weeeeeeaaaaaaaaa, SCOOTERS!!!!!!!!!!