UK vs. UNC? Lots of guys drafted. My simple question is what did all that NBA talent get Carolina? According to the NBA draft they should have been in at least the championship game with UK. Geez, Washington had two guys selected, a team that couldnt even dominate their own conference, and a damn pitiful one at that. Does NBA talent translate into NCAA championships? No. It never does and never will. UK was blessed with a special group of young men this past season, probably the likes of which we will never see again. I enjoyed watching them as much as the most die-hardest of UK fans. Going far in the NCAA tournament breeds guys making the NBA lottery. Hell, it breeds guys giving up one last, or two years of school.........because there is millions of dollars to be made.

Some on here have said that this was a deep draft. The college game will be terrible next year. To those that say that, I say.....the draft is nothing different than the stock market. Throw the dice and see how you come out. Time will tell. Let us see how all of this "NBA Talent" pans out in the years to come. I, for one, will be watching patiently. And waiting for this "deep draft" to fall by the wayside at the next level.