I haven't seen much discussion on R.A. Dickey on this site. If there has been and I've missed it, my apologies. But is this not crazy or what? The guy is 37 years old, he has a .885 WHIP, is striking out over a batter an inning, has an ERA of 2.15 and has a K/BB ratio of 4.64. How on earth can this be explained?

Maybe some of you that are better with numbers than I am can help me understand if this stretch is sustainable. His numbers across the board are WAY higher than they were the last few years. Is this a product of luck? Has he figured something out and made an adjustment? Is the weather this year somehow affecting the ability of hitters to hit his knuckler?

Where does this guy rank in the game right now as far as starting pitchers is concerned? It's a fascinating story, whether he keeps up this pace or not, he's still likely to see several more successful years. I had no idea a knuckler could be thrown in the 80s.