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But Camisa - I agreed with that 100% if you'll re-read my post. I said the generations as a whole get faster and stronger- but there were always exceptional athletes who could cross generations and play in any time period. We are reaching a point where that might not be true for the earliest eras any longer. Not totally, but almost. I mean would George Wright still be a superior athlete if he was competing today? I tend to think he would be fairly average if that good. In the 1860s he was the epitome of an athlete. I don;t disagree with Doug at all. I just think a single generation isn't as big a difference overall as he seems to think - we disagree more in degree than substance.
Ah, okay. Sorry about that. You typed a lot of words, and my attention span only lets me skim. In that case, I probably agree with you. I guess I was still responding to Vottomatic's argument more than anything else.