Is Juan Silva a prospect in your eyes? He was an 8th round pick in 2009 draft out of the Puerto Rican Baseball Academy. This is his 4th year in the organization and 1st in A-ball, where he is putting up a line of .263/.400/.385/.785. It doesn't exactly scream "superstar", but it's hard to ignore an OBP of .400 combined with a career line of .265/.376/.404/.780. When he was drafted, he was lauded for his tools, but we've also seen some people say that he just doesn't look like a future Major Leaguer. So where do you stand? How would you rate him as a prospect? And just for context, he's a day younger than Tucker Barnhart and less than a year older than Juan Duran. And in case anyone's wondering, he's not eligible for the rule 5 draft until after the 2013 season.