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This gem courtesy of reds44 in the main forum via Fay

Stubbs will likely be back be back in the lineup today. He’ll also likely be in the second spot, i.e, Baker is not considering doing him down in the lineup.

“He took off this year when I put him second,” Baker said. “You hope, during the course of the year, whoever I put in front of Joey (Votto) takes off. Like I keep saying it’s like putting your finger in the dike trying to re-arrange things.

“He’s one my one main speed threat. If you drop him down to seventh and he steals, they’ll walk the catcher to get to the pitcher.”

I don't even know where to begin with this Dusty-ism...
So what does Dusty do to prevent that? Bat Valdez 2nd and put him in CF. That'll fix the offense. How about a new order!!!!!????!!!!! So frustrating.