Everyone knows about the steals, but check this out:

In 550 at-bats in 2011 at low-A Dayton, Hamilton had 103 stolen bases, 18 doubles and 9 triples.

In 331 ABs in 2012 at high-A Bakersfield, Hamilton has 103 steals, 18 doubles and 9 triples.

So, in 219 LESS at-bats, Hamilton has already reached his impressive steals, doubles and triples numbers from last year.

The big difference this year? Obviously Hamilton's on-base percentage. In 2011, it was .340, which was very solid, especially for someone with Hamilton's blazing speed. However, this year, his OBP is up to a robust .415.

Gonna be real interesting to see how high he's ranked by Baseball America and other publications/websites entering next season. He's going to break Vince Coleman's all-time minor league record of 145 steals this year. Add that to his high batting average and I bet he'll be a consensus top-20 prospect in all of baseball (maybe higher).