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I watched the first UFC live on tv and rented the next handful from a local video store. Ah, the good ole days. Tito was popular, but I never really understood why. Never really was a fan of the guy.
Tito was a guy who everyone had strong feelings about. Some people loved him, other people hated him, but nobody was 'meh' when it came to Tito Ortiz. He absolutely carried the UFC on his back during the 'human cockfighting' dark ages, and he helped launch the post-TUF era with his performance on TUF 3.

I loved him early in his career because of his feud with the Lion's Den, who I though were a bunch of self-entitled dicks who took themselves too seriously. Later in his career, I hated him for ducking Chuck Liddell by playing the 'friends' card for nearly two years. I eventually worked my way back to loving him again after the Bader win. He really should have retired after that. That would have been a great way to cap off his career.