I feel as though there are a few things, suggestions, if you will - that I should give all of you here in the SunDeck.

I'm sure you are all aware by now that there are several new moderators who are here solely for the purpose of moderating the SunDeck. I want to personally ask you to please make an effort to not make their lives miserable.

I think the great majority of you want the SunDeck "cleaned up", if you will. And I don't blame you, none of us do. That's why these new moderators were added, and they are doing a bang-up job so far.

Now, there are a few things you should remember. If you get a warning, or an infraction - don't send the moderator a PM laced with insults and profanity. First, it only proves that you deserved the infraction in the first place, if not worse. Second, if you are ridiculously over the top with vulgarity, it could land you a temporary suspension from the site. Just because it's a "private" message doesn't mean you can go off on someone and say whatever you want. The site rules are still enforceable.

If you legitimately feel you didn't deserve the infraction, send the moderator who issued it a polite message and lay out the reasons why you feel that way. You'd be surprised how far a little politeness can go for you. DO NOT, however, complain about it publicly in the forums. That is explicitly against the site's rules and can get you in some very, very hot water.

Another thing: If for some reason you do end up getting a temporary suspension from the site, be a man (or lady) and wait it out - then come back and learn from your mistakes.

If you try to get around your suspension by creating a new user account, we WILL find out. Period. If you evade a suspension, you can and most likely will be permanently banned from the site. It just isn't worth it, so wait out your suspension.

Please, I am begging you to take this advice to heart. It will make all of our lives easier.

I hope we'll see all of you in the ORG some day. Go Reds!