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I went to school at OSU in which football is king. I never understood it until I arrived there and still really can't compare it to anything I have seen since. For people who grew up in central or northern Ohio OSU football is like a religion. That said Ohio State University means much much much much more to the community than just a football team. On orentiation they told us that on a school day the campus of OSU is the 4th largest city in Ohio. I would be willing to be that OSU is the largest employer in Columbus (UC is in Cincinnati). The university means much more to the community than just a football program.

You don't shut down PSU for the sins of a couple of people. You don't close the doors on the local businesses who depend on PSU, you don't send all the employees of PSU to the unemployment office, you don't stop all the research, or the education of the students, all because of the sins of a couple of people. That is a knee jerk reaction that makes little sense. Jerry Sandusky was a monster, the people who covered it up just as bad, but do you close down every company that employees a sex offender? Should the Catholic Church have shut down Notre Dame, Boston College, all the local high schools and grade schools because of the scandal they had?

That's the exact kind of mindset that led to the whole debacle. "We are too big to do anything about it". Sorry, if I were president of the ncaa, the program would cease to exist. That's the least I can do for an administrative wide coverup of boys being raped and sexually abused, with the football program acting as a gateway for the whole thing. At thus point I could care less about the guy wellingice water on the corner, or a nearby business.

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