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I think what Penn State did at all levels of the football program, from the janitors to the University President was the epitome of evil. Quite frankly I wish the program had seen the death penalty. The Governor should be ashamed.

These crimes were covered up to protect the football program. These crimes were covered up for the financial gain of the university through the football program. Boys were raped, and this was kept quiet to keep the football program strong. Someone has to pay, and I am glad that the NCAA brought the thunder. This isn't tattoos for jerseys, extra benefits, or strippers for recruits, this is child rape in the locker room we are talking about. NEVER FORGET THAT!
Totally agree with you. The state of Pennsylvania needs to just shut up. What happened was horrific. It continued to happen over and over again because Penn State didn't want their image tarnished and they thought they could sweep under a rug forever. IMO their program should have been shutdown for a minimum of two years. Penn State should have done that themselves,not the NCAA. I know if I was a citizen of Pennsylvania I would be awfully angry that my tax dollars are going towards a lawsuit that in effect is trying to defend a pedophile of the worst kind.