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You put Cingrani 10th. Whatever. Its Stubbs all over again, only in reverse.
You seem to be offended by how I feel about a prospect. Or that I simply make things up about him to justify my rankings. That isn't the case. I have absolutely no reason to love/hate someone. I am a Reds fan. I want them all to be #1 starters and #3 hitters. But they aren't all that. In fact, none of them are likely going to be close to that.

You don't have to like my way of ranking prospects. I feel confident in my rankings at the time I make them. I have seen Tony Cingrani pitch 5 times this season. There is a lot to like. There are also several questions that still need to be answered in regards to him remaining as a starting pitcher regardless of what the numbers say. If you don't like my opinion on it, then to quote you, "whatever".