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There are multiple reports about Corcino's max-effort delivery. As to stuff, here's another report. I've only found the two:
I don't recall saying anything about his delivery.

Too, I find it odd that you'd say the writer is only using the video to make his observations, especially when I basically told you that was what many do, and you claimed they didn't.
I said I hope he isn't. I didn't say he was or wasn't. My point was simply that I hope he wasn't since the video was shot 57 weeks before his article came out.

Comparing an internet writer for a website that I have never heard of where apparently no one goes (I only went a few pages deep, but there were three pages of articles without a single comment on them) to professional scouts in terms of how often they see someone to make your point as to 'scouts do that too' is reaching at best. And even if we were to say it were true, it isn't like BA/BP/Law/Piliere/Sickels are all talking to just that one scout or that all of the scouts they talked to were all at the exact same game and are only going off of X players game from June 19th.

Quoting 'Scoutingbook.com' as a reliable place for information.... I don't know. Maybe they have improved in the last year or so, but that site used to have terrible information on players. They currently rank Cingrani 14th in the Reds system.

Isn't a changeup a secondary pitch? Haven't you yourself said Cingani's change is a plus pitch? (And didn't milb in the above quote?)
I have said it is an above-average pitch at times. Other places have been quoted as saying it is a plus pitch. But, the fact of it all remains that he guy simply doesn't trust the pitch and barely throws it. Why? I don't have a clue. Scouts seem to like the pitch. But he doesn't. If you aren't throwing the pitch, it doesn't matter how good it is or could be.