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Hamilton: .323/ .413/ .439/ .852/ 13% BB rate/ 104 SB (21 CS)
Gregorius: .303/ .333/ .457/ .791/ 4.9% BB rate/ 8 SB (8 CS)

Speed plus the almost 80 points in obp? You're talking, over a full season (700 ABs), an extra 120 total bases (when factoring in stolen bases, CS, BBs, and hits). (321 TB for Gregorius and 441 for Hamilton)

That's the difference between 2011 offensive versions of Chris Heisey and Mike Leake.

BTW, I'd agree that Gregorius has more power he hasn't shown, except he re-worked his swing this offseason, sacrificing power for putting the ball on the ground. As he's swinging right now, there's no chance he can hit 15 homers in the majors.
Sure, if both guys carry forward their exact Bakersfield stats. But they probably won't do that. Gregorius for example has an 8% walk rate in AA this year compared to 4.9% in Bakersfield last year.

Gregorius GB rate is 44% this year. Last year it was 43%.

Now, he does absolutely give up his power right now to try and just put the bat on the ball. When he wants to though, he can bring out the power. It will be interesting to see if either he or someone else can talk him into trying to use it a little bit more often.

Either way though, a strong defensive shortstop who walks nearly as much as he strikes out who also makes contact at a very high rate has more value than I believe you are giving him credit for, especially if we are going to compare him to someone with far less power, more struggles making contact and not nearly the same kind of defense.