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How is what he is doing in terms of babip different than what Phipps did last year? Is there any reason to move the prospect meter on him or is he just a nice story?

And you have flat disregarded or explained away or otherwise dismissed the Cingrani results. For months. But I am glad someone else's results are of interest, I guess, from you.
There isn't much difference in terms of what Phipps did last year when it comes to the 'explosion', at least when it comes to his time in Bakersfield. For the entire season, he has a .389 BABIP. Which is a lot different than what Phipps did over the full season (.452).

I would say the prospect meter on him is up from where it was coming into the season because he went up a level and has maintained the same peripherals despite better pitching. But it is a nice story, though he hasn't really vaulted into a big prospect status.

With Cingrani, I actually have explained why his stats are outstanding. You either didn't read it or didn't buy my idea. But I will tell you again in case you missed it. He has the best fastball from a Reds minor leaguer I have seen since I started doing this. It is better than the one Chapman had in the minors (at least as a starter). While it isn't overly fast, it is 90-92 with outstanding late sink to it (honestly resembles a change up with tumble on it) that he has pinpoint control of. He can throw a plus pitch exactly where he wants it, 90% of the time. That is an incredible weapon, especially against minor leaguers. However, I have now seen him throw over 30 innings this season and not in one outing have I seen him throw his offspeed stuff to the point where even 50% of it was considered a good pitch. But, at this level, he can get away with it because his #1 is simply that good.

Buy it or not, I don't really care. But that is where I sit with regards to how Cingrani has put up incredible stats, but still isn't an elite starting pitching prospect.