Ok Redszone here's the deal. I've been offered a teaching job at a charter school in Fort Myers, Florida. It pays 34,000 a year. Here's the kicker: they want me there by July 23rd for training, and students come on August 6th. They're willing to hire me over the phone, without meeting me in person first. They're not providing any relocation costs. I currently live in Ohio, and make substantially less than 34,000 a year. I don't have any money saved up for this, nor will I have any time to find a place in Fort Myers before going out there.

I don't have any experience as a teacher, only as a substitute. I've never done a lesson plan, don't have any experience with curriculum... should I take the job? Should I turn it down? Right now I'm leaning towards declining. But haven't decided for sure. Any opinions? Anyone familiar with the cost of living in Fort Myers?