I've been roaming stub hub the past week and some really good seats for under the ticket price. Of course they have all Bobblehead nights and Cardinals series jacked up for profit....but the upcoming series versus the Diamondbacks they have great seats for very good prices. Ex....Sect 135 and sect 112 row B in either for under $30. These are usually $40-$45 and both are between the dugout and the ball boy (middle of the two)....5 feet off the field.

Also at the end of July against the Padres they have hundreds of excellent seats.....have scout seats for $37 behind home plate. I just bought 6 seats in row 4 of 133.....about 15 feet from where the Reds enter the dugout on their way in to hit.

Both series have 12:35 Thursday getaway days.....last year I bought tickets the night before for $7 each for front row in front of the stacks in RCF.

So keep your eyes open for the good deals and get your butt to the games.

Go Reds!