I'm not the biggest TV hound, so I didn't really notice it.... but my wife sure did since they removed a couple of her favorite channels! LOL


The channels are not only gone off Directv, but to further pee people off Viacom also yanked the access to free on-line programming..... http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/12/showbi...rectv-dispute/

I kinda put the majority of the blame on Viacom on this one IF, what Directv claims, Viacom wants an increase in fees that is pretty excessive (30% = $1B).... http://www.directvpromise.com/#6

We'll see.

As usual, both sides are running their PR machines blaming the other side. I'm sure the dispute will get settled at one point; but until then, Directv customers are the ones getting screwed as they lost 17 Viacom channels.