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"I asked assist gm dick Williams why team did not ask for MRI when Votto didn't. Said collective bargaining agreement and players union take player privacy with health issues seriously, and that Votto never thought it was that serious until last few days."

Basically from that I gather that Joey would have had to thought he was injured seriously enough to consent to an MRI if it was thought to be necessary. Players union frowns upon teams asking first unless warranted.
I can see this point, but it's not as if we are asking the Reds to forciblily tie down Joey and force him to get an MRI. I wish the Reds were more proactive with all their players. If they think there might be something wrong with the knee, why not encourage the player to get it checked right away?

It's not as if this is an isolated incident. This has happened almost every year since Doc Hollywood has come here. I'd rather have a doctor more focused on urgency than one that is focused on being buddies with the players and collecting autographed pictures for his office..

Surely the doctor is allowed to strongly suggest an MRI because he suspects there may be damage in the knee.. Isn't that what doctors are there for? Sure, the player can still refuse at that point, but I think most players would agree to get it checked if the doctor recommended it.