With Votto out for a bit, I think it's now more likely that the Reds will make a deal for an impact player. I'd like to see them go after one of the following guys:

(1) Dexter Fowler - He has been rumored to be available and would look great hitting in front of Votto when he returns. The price would be high, but he gets on base and has two years of control left after 2012. If the Reds are going to burn some prospects, I think Fowler is a better fit than Upton.

(2) Logan Morrison - If the Marlins decide to go into firesale mode, Morrison could definitely be available. He isn't having a great year, but he's still young and has three years of team control remaining. He has shown the ability to hit for average and get on base in the past. He can play 1B while Votto is out and slide over into a LF platoon with Ludwick when Votto returns.

(3) Denard Span - This one has been discussed ad nauseum so no need to go into too much detail here. Span is a moderate upgrade over Stubbs and would look good in Red if the price is right.

Thoughts? Any better ideas?