Is this for real?

Baltimore didn't want him, and his stats justified that decision. Since we got him, he's been one of the best arms we have in the pen, and as of late one of the most trusted in my eyes. An excellent fastball and great breaking stuff, and he goes a few innings if you need him to.

Maybe being in the pen allows him to throw that extra mph, and this was the role he always could have succeeded in. Maybe the transition from the AL East to the NL Central helped him. Maybe Price just altogether fixed him?

I tend to believe that it's a mixture of all three, and he (along with The Team) has benefited greatly. Having this kind of pitching is a great problem to have, and it's not something a mid-twenties Reds fan has ever seen at this level.

It just makes you wonder why no other team took a flyer on him. Your opinions?