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Well not like I get with a killer, of course. But I did see some small children at my showing on Saturday, and wasn't thrilled with it (for their sake, not mine.) Chris Nolan's Batman is ultra grim dark, it's not really toddler/kindergarten appropriate. There's a tremendous amount of violence, tension, and the whole thing is dark, dark, dark.
So he was saying, well, this killer is really awful and by the way parents shouldn't bring their kids to see Batman?

I dunno. Seems like a weird time to discuss theater manners.

I know you just lost your child, but I really question you as a parent for bringing him to see Batman. That seems like an inopportune time to drop an aside, don't you?

We're parsing words to the same effect: If he doesn't think kids should be at Batman, then he is essentially saying the kids shouldn't have been there in the first place. He can't take the postion that he is questioning parenting skills and then say oh well I wasn't referring to it this time...Oh, I just dropped that in there as something that sort of irks me.

That makes no sense, especially in the context of the sentence.

No matter what is meant, it's poor taste. It's just my opinion.