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As was pointed out earlier in the thread, having the company who made the product's logo on the uniform isn't the same as as "Dove" or "Crest" appearing on the player's uniform.

And I'm well aware we're already bombarded with ads everywhere. I just think putting it on player's uniforms cheapens the product of the sport.
I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree. To me, advertising is so pervasive that to take umbrage at jersey placement doesn't compute. Seems like it's a much bigger issue than that.

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I'm sure that's what King George III was thinking too.

Advertising revenue is paid for by anyone that buy the product. Every increase in the advertising revenue is, in a sense, a 'tax' increase. Would you take the same stance if your local government was recommending an across the board sales tax increase to pay for a professional tiddlywinks team.

By the way, it is not an arbitrary point at all, I have been objecting to this type of 'hidden entertainment tax' for many, many years.
This I can understand. You seem to have a specific political point here (and I can't say it's one I necessarily disagree with).