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Sorry, I do my best to give good insight, reasonable opinions and back up my arguments with facts as much as anyone.....but I have 2 downfall peeve I cannot ignore and it's Dusty's insistence to run out horrible centerfielders (offensively) every single day since he's been here.....and then finds reasons not to play a guy who is hot.

It bothers me greatly and I know I need help....and what I said that can be seen as negative....everyone knows is true or will be surprised if it isn't.

I don't like reading the threads while on vacation and having so many just give up during the game. This site has people on here folding up in 3-1 games in the 7th. Baseball is 27 outs....ask the Nationals.....and the Reds a few years back. I don't like being lumped in with those guys, especially when I have contributed a good bit of stats for so many of mine and everyone elses arguments.
Well said.