Pedro Diaz is a guy you will be hearing more and more about. 19 years old, throws in the mid-90s.

Henry Rodriguez...not the kind of player who is gonna be on the prospect lists. He is mostly a one-tool player. I am not selling him short as a hitter because he is one of the better pure hitters in the org but he has always been a below average defensive player with (despite good stolen base numbers some years) average major league speed. He might improve enough defensively to be ok at third base if he hits enough. When you hear Ortegon say he has really improved defensively, that's coach speak for "he's much better than he was." He does not have great instincts for the game, will make some mental mistakes.

Everyone has their own opinion and who knows how things will turn out, but I would put it this way with Henry...I am thinking back to the days when people told me I was crazy when I compared Dave Sappelt to the former International League batting champion, Norris Hopper.