Ok folks....off day but I've been hard at it.

Our starting pitchers have been amazing. The Reds have not had 3 starters over 185 inn since 1992. This year all 5 are on pace for 197+

Ok...here's where I'm going. We win the central and are in the playoffs!

Let's set our rotation with 1. Cueto, 2. Arroyo, 3. Homer, 4. Latos

Divisional series.....we win in 4 games (Cueto, Arroyo, Homer, Latos)....yippee

NLCS....we win a tough series in 6! Dusty Baker...shut me up! Lol (Cueto, Arroyo, Homer, Latos, Cueto, Arroyo)

World Series....we win in 6 or 7 games (Homer, Cueto, Arroyo, Latos, Homer, Cueto)

Everything is reasonable and an average prediction providing we continue this play.

Still with me? Here we go.

Johnny Cueto is our 26 year old ace and we all assume and want him to be for several more years...but he has never pitched over 185 innings....he only threw 156 last year.....he has 13 regular season starts left and 6 in the playoffs...using his average in those starts he would lead us to a title and throw 254 innings.

Homer Bailey....looking great and only 26 years old....including rehabs and season Homer has never pitched nearly this much due to injuries and last year was his high with around 170...but he is on pace for 205 inn at end of regular season.....including our postseason heroics he ends the year at 231 inn.

Mat Latos...only 24! Mat did throw 184 at age 22, and threw 194 at age 23...he's on pace for 197 and with the World Series participation he'd end at 217.

Mike Leake you ask? We'd rather him over Bronson or Latos....ok He's been on an innings limit and last year was shut down at 167.....so his pace this year of 198 fits perfectly for the 24 year old. Put him in the mix and he's looking at 225.

Bronson....old man crafty is on pace for 198 and the Series would end him around 230.


Recommended Inn/projected

Cueto 215-220/254
Homer 205/231
Latos 215/197 or 217
Leake 200/200 or 225
Arroyo Doesn't matter/Doesn't matter

So for a complete postseason run are clear ace and right now our #2 will exceed a sensible innings limit by 35 and 25 inn and if Leake is mixed in he will go about 25 over.

Latos and Arroyo have no innings issues....but arguably our top 3 do and Leake was shut down on the spot last year and Cueto is irreplaceable. Homer has came so far but never going over 170 and needing 231 for a championship?

What's everyone think?


1990 didn't happen again real soon did it?