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Living in West Virginia, it's kinda like WVU-Marshall, except UK-UofL is a little more even in terms of talent.
It's really nothing like WV/Marshall other than maybe during the Petrino era when Louisville was pounding UK most years or right at the end of the Ron Cooper era/first year of the JLS era when Tim Couch's teams blasted Louisville twice. There was never the perceived gap in quality of programs like in WV/Marshall. I mean, the year before the series renewed, Louisville beat Texas, Arizona State, Pittsburgh and Michigan State. No rational person thought UK was out of Louisville's league.

There's really not a good comparison I can think of for a rivarly in football. Maybe NC State/UNC?

Both teams can live without the game, I suppose, but it's almost always the toughest ticket for both teams and guarantees a sellout (which neither team really is sure of against any other opponent on a regular basis). Seems silly for the teams not to play, but I can understand why it might happen.