What kind of future do people think that he has with this organization? He seems to be able to hit for average, but his discipline isn't exactly top notch and he does have a somewhat high K rate for a guy that only walks 6% of the time. He doesn't have power (although he seems to have had a power surge recently at AAA.) I know his glove should play at the position, and he's a lefty, but I just don't see where there's room for him moving forward with who we already have in the organization.

Basically I think he's blocked by Cozart (great glove at the major level, and better bat at every other level except what Didi has been putting up in AAA this year.) If not Cozart then there's Hamilton coming up who is obviously one of the more exciting prospects in baseball.

So what do you guys think? Could he be a player that we are looking to groom and bring up, or is he a decent trade chip?