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Selsky's old for the league, but this is only his second year in pro ball. For his career (122 G, 534 ABs), his line-- .305/ .374/ .513/ .886-- is promising. His K rate in Baksersfied is less than 20% and his BB rate is over 10%. A 23-year-old in A+ is not usually someone to get excited about, but he could be a sleeper moving forward.

Too bad LaMarre or Felhauer hasn't caught fire to be moved up to AAA because Selky deserves to move up as well. Might eventually be a solid fourth OF type. Perhaps more. (Similar to Bryson Smith, actually, as a late-round college draftee.)
While LaMarre doesn't give you much in the way of power, he's getting on base at a .390 clip. That's pretty good.