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That was embarrising, those calls weren't even judgement calls.
Has that 4th timout been addressed? The ref announced the 10s runoff and then let the game resume without the clock being changed. He never made another announcement that he'd changed his call nor did I see Marvin throwing a fit, so what exactly happened there? Did the ref just not know the rules? Even with a 10s runoff the Redskins were getting a break as they could not have run another play that quickly

The Bengals won this game even though they:

-threw a pick 6 on the road
-lost the turnover battle
-couldn't run the ball

Forget the mantra that you can't be good in the NFL if you can't run the ball. It's a luxury to be able to run the ball. There have been a lot of good teams recently that don't run. The recent championships from NE, Pitt and GB all came from teams with very little running game.