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At the time of the 4th and 22 I just assumed Marvin had no faith in a FG over 50 yards at Heinz, which would be totally understandable since long field goals aren't made there. On the 35 I just figured he was okay with Pitt getting the ball there and not risking a net 15 yard punt...so go ahead and throw it down field and if it's intercepted who cares. Worst case scenario they get the ball at the 35, a missed FG would give them a little better field position.
I don't know. The odds are much better you pin them inside the 20 (fair catch at the 10, maybe even a good bounce inside the 5) then converting a 4th and 22.

As you said, worst case the punt is a touchback and it 's a 15 yard net, but at least you'd still have Pittsburgh backed up in a low scoring/field position type of game. Not getting it on 4th and 22 you give Pittsburgh pretty decent field position.