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Us Cincinnati fans all hate Mike Brown, for a pretty good reason I may add. But I also think there needs to be a point where we start giving the Bengals organization credit. We all say Mike Brown is cheep but he has paid up to keep Zimmer on as the defensive coordinator. When Gruden was hired we laughed saying Brown though he was hiring John and got Jay. He brought in Hue Jackson after his stint as HC in Oakland. Granted they are still a small front office, but one that has gotten bigger lately.

Now to the actual players. Spending top dollar in free agency is a recipe for disaster. For ever J Joseph who becomes a top tier player on another team, there is a Mario Williams who is quiet on his new team. I am not sure of the new collective bargaining agreement, but I think you have to wait to extend draft picks. Green, Dunlap and Adkins MUST be extended and retained. Same can be said about Andre Smith. But there is a question with Michael Johnson, is he a difference maker, or is he going to be like Robert Gathers, a nice complimentary player but nothing special. The last thing you want to do is hand out big extensions to guys who are replaceable.

Time will tell but I like the path the Bengals are on. They do need to open up the pocket books but do that in extending your current stars, not trying to be a player in FA.
Three playoff appearances in four years sounds like a long term trend to me and not just a blind squirrel finding a nut. They're not yet the Steelers or Patriots but they're not the 90s Bengals either.

All this while playing in arguably the toughest division in football. I doubt any division has placed more teams in the playoffs than the AFC North in those 4 yrs