Hi guys, early in the Wahoos' season I got the idea to make photos documenting milestones in the Wahoos first season and get them signed by the players involved. Made them in MS Paint, but still I think they turned out alright! Almost have all of the ones I've made so far signed, also made a few "Greatest Moments" photos. I'll be sure to post more here when I get them. Here's what I have so far-

First Hit - 4/5/12 - Didi Gregorius

First Home Run - 4/5/12 - Henry Rodriguez

First Save - 4/5/12 - Donnie Joseph

Also have video of him signing it-
Pensacola Blue Wahoos' Pitcher Donnie Joseph Signing Autographs Post-Game - 5/1/12 - YouTube

"The Bunt Heard 'Round The Gulf" - 4/7/12 - Brian Peacock and Josh Fellhauer

Speaking of walk-off bunts! Here's something I call a "Fellhauer Fun Fact" Posted this on Twitter. Felly enjoyed it-

J.C. Sulbaran Named Southern League "Pitcher Of The Week" - 5/6/12 - J.C. Sulbaran

"The Bunt Heard 'Round The Gulf II" - 6/13/12 - Mark Fleury and Josh Fellhauer

"The Ono Hitter" (Ono is Hawaiian for "Wahoo", and...it sounds like oh no, get it? Eh? Eh? It's also the name of the ale they make down at the ballpark) - 6/16/12 - Daniel Corcino - Now for some reason Daniel signed this twice (I think it's cool though!) Still need to get Wilkin to sign it as well

And that's all for now!