1. They kept the right guy. I beleive his intensity and his long term abilities will pay off. He's built like a catcher and he'll start hitting.

2. He lost the argument and won the war. The pitching staff may believe that he got over heated, but if i was a pitcher and knew that my catcher cared THAT much about the strike zone. I would love it. I think there's a positive to his over heated response.

3. I hope he gets to the point where his intensity is there, and his focus is increased. Ryan Hanigan did a wonderful job in managing Johnny Cueoto. The K zone was small and he did seem to be getting squeezed. Ryan kept his intensity and was upset about the calls -but didn't lose his focus and was able to manage Cueto through some tough times.

Dusty needs to tell Mesoraco that he loves the intensity, but not the lack of focus---it's very difficult to manage others thru a crisis if you yourself are in a crisis.

I wonder if almost getting way laid by Maybin increased DM's intensity so much that he could not manage his emotions? Those kind of issues make for one intense situation.