In the September call up thread there was discussion over who was faster. It reminded me a story from the early 1900s when there was a Boston player and a Yankee who both claimed to be the fastest in baseball. On day after a game in NY, the Yankee said to the Red Sox player, let's settle this with a race outside the stadium after the game.

About an hour after the game, the Reds Sox player met the Yankee outside the stadium and was surprised to see that the Yankee was still in uniform while he had changed to civilian clothes. The Yankee said he just felt more comfortable running in uniform.

They lined up for a 50 yard dash on the streets of NY and had a stadium worker say go. When the Yankee realized he was not going to win, he slowed down a bit and then started yelling "Stop... Thief". The local NY citizens, unaware fo any race, saw a man in civilian clothes running from an obvious Yankee's player who was screaming he was robbed. They mobbed the Reds Sox player, tackling him to the ground and started pummeling him over and over until the laughing Yankee called them off.

Not a Yankee or a Sox fan... but that's good baseball history right there!