He was the face of the Texas Rangers' collapse over the last two weeks, a period in which they blew home-field advantage in the American League, a five-game lead in the AL West and found themselves in a one-game, win-or-go-home playoff against the Baltimore Orioles. And when they didn't show up for that, either, getting embarrassed 5-1 in front of a stunned Rangers Ballpark, it cemented Hamilton's slow devolution from hero to pariah.

Hard as he tried not to dwell on the boos, he couldn't help but bring them up over and over. Five years he's been here, one of the planet's best players when he's healthy and biggest teases when he isn't, and this was how he was leaving. Hamilton is a free agent, and while he said his return is a 50-50 proposition, his tenor and disappointment and dwelling said something entirely different.

And so did the verse of scripture he paraphrased, Matthew 10:14.

"If they don't receive you in a town," Hamilton said, "shake the dust off your feet and move to the next."