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I'm sure Bud has top men investigating what is going on in Houston.

Top men.

Maybe even Jeff Loria himself.
I would imagine this is a black eye to Bud and his cronies. If you want a model of how to screw up a MLB franchise the Astros are that. The problem I have isn't the fire sale and it really isn't the awful baseball, its there is nothing on the Astro's MLB roster that really belongs there. When you look at the current version of the Astros were is the hope? When they traded guys like Borne and got two of the Astro's mid prospects they became to top 2 in the Astro's organization. When the Reds were playing in their lost decade they at least had some players to watch.

There was a time when the Tigers were awful, had 3 (?) pitchers who could have lost 20 games each, but they were all young guys who were taking their lumps, there was hope. The Astro's hope lies in the likes of a 5'7" second baseman and a Jordan Schafer.