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Obispo's had such a strange career. How and why did he end up in Japan after being in the Reds org. a while back? Unless I'm mistaking him for someone else, he had good raw stuff a long time ago. Anyone have any idea what he's looking like these days?
He did well in the Dominican Summer League and was looking like a good prospect. However, he was busted for marrying foreigners for money and lost his visa. Since he wasn't allowed back in the States, he played professional ball in Japan, where he battled with injuries.

I just found some more info on him from Doug Gray.
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Obispo is a bit of an urban legend in some Reds prospect circles after he dominated the Dominican Summer League after a conversion to the mound from shortstop. He was, however, caught up in a marriage scandal that left him unable to obtain a work visa to enter the US and eventually wound up in Japan where he pitched for several years before finally being able to obtain a work visa when the Reds signed him this past offseason. Obispo throws a fastball, change up and slider. His fastball seems to work, in my limited time seeing him, in the 89-93 MPH range while touching 94. The pitch is a little straight, but he seems to hide the ball well with what I can best describe as, interesting mechanics that seem to have a little bit of violence to them. His change up shows some solid late tumble on it. The slider has short break to it, and could work well at the bottom of the strikezone, but the break isnít sharp enough for it to do much if it isnít at the bottom of the zone. At best, it is an average pitch and is only a pitch that should be thrown in the lower half of the strikezone and is thrown in the mid 80ís.